The Board of Directors, Management, and staff of NB Mining Africa Sarl (NBMA) recognise and accept our responsibility in protecting the environment, the safety and health of our employees, our customers, our contractors and other third parties in relation to the business activities the company conducts. NBMA is committed to the continuous review and improvement of our management of Safety, Health, and Environmental & Quality (SHEQ) performance. Our policies, procedures and objectives will include the provision of effective process safety management (PSM), quality control, protection of employee’s health and security, aiming to promote a positive and engaged culture throughout the business.

We will continually work towards our goals of zero incidents, no damage to the environment or financial loss to ourselves or others. To achieve these, we will:

• Conducting our business with respect and care for people and the environment
• Continuously identify, analyse, and manage workplace harzards and risks, and set objectives and targets to mitigate and bring them under control
• Adhere to all health, safety, environment, and quality standards and put an immediate stop to any unsafe act and condition
• Promote a consultative approach, encouraging and recognising staff input into SHEQ and PSM issues, actively promoting the reporting of all accidents, incidents and near misses for the benefit of all.
• Complete systematic reviews of all incidents and share all key findings to improve current working practices to prevent future recurrences.
• Take preventative steps wherever we foresee potential threat to someone’s wellbeing.
• Strive to prevent pollution by managing wastes, noise, dust, and chemical hazards to secure acceptable work environments, employing wherever practicable the principles of reduction, avoidance, re-use, and re-cycle.
• Responsible utilisation of natural resources
• Ensure that SHEQ plans are appropriately documented, implemented, and maintained.
• Ensure that appropriate resources, training, and personal protective equipment are provided to all employees
• Ensure our employees and sub-contractors have the relevant skills to perform work-related tasks in a safe manner
• Review this policy on a regular basis, when a significant change to the business occurs or following an incident to ensure that it remains suitable and sufficient to meet the needs of the Company and stakeholder


It is the primary responsibility of the company’s management supported by the board of directors to ensure full and effective compliance with the requirements of the NBMA’s SHEQ policy. They will establish and monitor the organisation as well as the arrangements for those areas and activities over which they have control and responsibility.

All persons entering NBMA work areas have a duty to take reasonable care of themselves and other persons who may be affected by their actions. Full and effective compliance with the legal duties placed on NBMA can only be achieved with the active involvement of the entire workforce. This requires the full support and cooperation of all employees and contractors.