Load and Haul
We have the personnel, equipment, and best business practices to ensure maximum efficiency in our load and haul operations. We always have equipment and personnel to rapidly start up a project and if required able to use our good working relationships with OEM’s to quickly mobilise extra equipment to meet contractual requirement. Our fleet of equipment is composed of different models of Caterpillar, Liebherr, Hitachi, Bell, and Volvo mining equipment. We have extensive experience operating in challenging mining environment in remote areas.

Drill and Blast
With our licensed shotfirers and experiences drillers we are able to provide competitive cost for a client’s drill and blast requirements. Our fleet of drill rigs are mainly PANTERA DP1500i surface top hammer drill rigs.

Long Distance Haulage
We have a large fleet of 40t and 60t (Payload) of the road trucks for long distance haulage from satellite pits.

Other Areas
We undertake other activities Crusher Feeding, Environmental Rehabilitation of mine waste dumps and borrow areas, and Equipment rental.